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We are looking for solid RP members who want to help develop a deep and fun guild culture and history. We also are trying to expand the non-RP options for the guild. We are looking for PvP and Raid leaders as well as members interested in the same.

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The Atlantis Project

Atlantis, once a place of wonders and magic, now lost to the ocean deeps, lives only in the faded dreams of seers and the legends of bards. Few know that descendants of mighty Atlantis still walk the world. Fewer still know that Atlanteans live amongst us, ancient and immortal.

The Atlantis Project is an endeavor to recapture the greatness of Atlantis. To bring those enlightened values back to life and see them thrive. To push back against these savage and brutal times and return to a shining past of hope and beauty.

Join us and others striving to reclaim our birthrights and rebuild what was lost. Join us in The Atlantis Project.


Voressa & Qenymin

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Agharta (Guild City) Upgrade

loquin, Jan 14, 12 11:52 AM.
Agharta - the new Atlantis rises from the ashes of the old!

Our city is growing swiftly! We have our keep upgraded and are working on the buildings.

If you would like to contribute to the growth of the city, check the in game MOTD for a list of needed resources.

Voressa and Qenymin
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